Fence Staining Done Right

Here it is! Another beautiful product done right by Kingreen Services. Below is our progression of images. The first are our finished product. We are rather proud of how this fence turned out and so was our customer. We sent our customer a text with pictures because they couldn’t be home to meet us when we finished:

Kingreen: “We’re not usually one to brag about our work but that’s one fine looking fence! It turned out gorgeous”

Customer: “Go ahead and brag, it looks great!!!”

We’ll record that one as another success as we’ve made someone else’s day just a little brighter.

Finished Product:


Post-washed (right) and stained (left) contrast:



Pre (right) and post-washed (left) contrast:



We had to let the wood dry after washing it for at least 48 hours which is why there is such a difference between the two post-wash pictures. We hope you’ll enjoy these…we sure did.

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